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A happinin party scene under the Sellwood bridge on the Willamette River in portland, oregon. Usually frequented in the spring although every now and then something will be goin down here in the summer. usually a keg party single, double, triple, whatever. Every once in awhile a lone bum will stroll along looking for some free brew.
Yeah we'll probably end up at Sellwood as long as it doesn't rain.
by questionmark November 08, 2005
And old person. The word in itself refers to the wrinkled skin of the elderly.
Well someone's gotta stand up to those wrinklies or we'll never get to decide the fate of our government.
by questionmark November 08, 2005
University located in Chestnut Hill, MA. The students have intense feelings of superiority, mainly because most of them are.

The school has intense rivalries with most of the schools in the area. But one of the most well known rivalries is with Notre Dame.
Friends don't let friends to go to Notre Dame. They send them to Boston College.
by QuestionMark October 29, 2005
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