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Small insects that fly around the peckers of dogs.
I wish I would have grabbed the bug spray, cuz I'm getting swarmed with dogpeckergnats.

Man, you need to wash the fucking dishes! The entire kitchen is infested with dogpeckergnats.
by QueenofKillduff November 02, 2011
The name of the small town I live in, which also means K-9 load. (That German Shepard blew a huge Killduff) Killduffians refer to our lovely town as Dogpeckerjuicery.
Stop giving Sparky a red rocket, he's going to Killduff!

Sparky just Killduffed all over my leg, you dumbass! Now I have to go to the Dogpeckerjuicery to get some fresh britches.
by QueenofKillduff November 01, 2011

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