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The same thing as titty torture. People who like various degrees of pain or something other than typical soft touches will do this for sexual gratification.

It involves breast bondage with ropes or tape, nipple clamps, hitting or whipping the breasts, temporary or play piercing, temperature play (hot wax, ice cubes or any frozen object, warm curling iron, etc), biting or hard pinching, suction with something other than a person's mouth (lotion or soap bottles without the cap, vacuum attachments), electricity with devices meant only for use on the human body, chemical play (Icy Hot, peppermint oil, chilling-effect lip products, menthol), and abrasion (sandpaper, brush bristles, rough fabric, beaded jewelry, or other textured items).
I got completely topless for tit torture last night, and rubbed my nipples first with an ice cube to get them stiff. I then clamped them tight with bobby pins so when they bulged out like pea-sized bubbles of gum, I could take pictures and make nice people cringe.

*3.5 hours of other moan-worthy tit torture activity*

To finish off, I twisted my nipples roughly and vigorously ran the bristles of my hairbrush over them. The sight of my reddened and throbbing peaks popping in and out from under the brush was enough to get me wet.

You get the idea.
by QueenOfTape September 07, 2009

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