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The fashion violation when a woman's labia can be seen through her pants thereby creating camel toe.
Her taux pas at the party last night was unforgivable. I haven't seen that much laffy taffy since the carnival was in town.
by Queen of Irreverence December 19, 2012
the harsh discordant mixture of sounds coming from a woman faking orgasm.
The cockophoney from the apartment next to mine was proof that my neighbor is not the playa he thinks he is.
by Queen of Irreverence December 03, 2012
The use of ambiguous or unclear expressions to mislead and secure social engagements.
He had the misleading user name Longstrokes believing it was better to equivodate than to not date at all.
by Queen of Irreverence October 22, 2011
A person who adds non-precious gems or glitter to various parts of the body in an attempt to make oneself more visually appealing.
Getting your bajingo vajazzled doesn't make you look hot. It makes you look like a bedazzhole.
by Queen of Irreverence October 22, 2011
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