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3 definitions by Quazy Quisp

Woman engaged in sexual relationship with other woman, not due to preference but due to inability to find male partner to bond with. Also known as lesbian by circumstance. Reasons behind inability to locate male partner usually due to inability to be viewed as attractive to the opposite sex.
Donna Lopiano is a circumstantial lesbian and is too ugly to locate a male partner who could find her appealing. Her lesbianism is caused by circumstance.
by Quazy Quisp April 30, 2009
Descriptive term to recognize the posterior region of a person; typically a female. Popular term in the northern-most regions of backwoods Wisconsin. A reference to a woman's butt.
You're darn tootin' that woman has a nice terd baler. It's the nicest booty I've seen all year.
by Quazy Quisp April 30, 2009
Extremely ugly; repulsive. Revolting, nearly impossible to look at. Used prior to "ugly" to stress the abnormally high level of bad looks. References Kevin Cronin, the lead singer of REO Speedwagon.
Bill's new girlfriend made everyone question his sanity and sight, as she was Kevin Cronin ugly and could induce permanent penile wrinkles on any male that looked at her.
by Quazy Quisp May 01, 2009