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Fun that never happened because we will never, ever speak of it again!

Much the way it is said "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", referring to the idea that any activities or fun that is had of a nature which might disappoint or anger other people back home does not 'come back with you' from the party city of Las Vegas, that is exactly what Quantum Recreation is.

Much as with the thought experiment of Schrödinger's cat where the cat existed as both alive and dead in the box until it was observed by a human, quantum recreation never happened and did happen unless observed by a human in which case they and they alone can know the truth. Trippy isn't it?
Yup, Bill just came back from his trip to Vegas, he went there for some Quantum Recreation.
#fun #party #recreation #secret #down low
by Quantum Recreationalist March 25, 2011
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