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2 definitions by Quanfucius

Noun. Feces.

Verb. To expel fecal matter, to poo.
"You should place more flowers on the altar Reverend, it smells like feec in here."

Reverend: "Where's the groom?"
Best Man: "He's in back feecing."
by Quanfucius May 06, 2005
3 3
Verb. To evacuate feces from the body.

A combination of the words evacuate and feec. This contraction, or portmanteau, is often employed to save precious time as the turtle's head makes an appearance.

First coined in northern hemisphere Summer 1999 and commonly used on roadtrips thereafter to communicate urgency. Popular among linguists, the elderly, and efficiency experts.
Employer: Excuse me, where are you going? The job interview is not over yet.
Applicant: Yeah, but I've gotta efecuate.
by Quanfucius May 06, 2005
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