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A genus of small mammals, commonly known as nohats.
Sinpetasus australis can weigh up to 2 kg.
by Quaffle November 13, 2004
Formerly thought to be a man, then a dragon-man, then a dragon, Trogdor is now classified by biologists as Sinpetasus giganteum, based on genetic analysis.
"What is that big burninating thing?" "Oh--that's just Trogdor."
by Quaffle November 13, 2004
Any of several species of small mammals of the genus Sinpetasus. Nohats are generally between 10 - 20 cm in height, bipedal, with a large fur ruff completely encircling their neck. They feed on small insects and fruits. Native to South America and the Polynesian islands.
Darn! That nohat ate my candy bar!
by Quaffle November 13, 2004
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