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This term had been created to summarize most problems in the lives of males.

In seeing problems with several friends over the same girl, I noticed the girl was creating problems for all 3 of them.

I then decided to coin a term that would from thereon easily describe situations similar to this, i.e. where a woman is causing problems for others.
1. As a noun:
PGP stands for (a) Pussy Given Problem.

A problem caused by a pussy or vagina, a
female sexual organ that has caused many problems through the ages. Often a lust for men.

2. As a verb:
PGPed (past tense) to have been burdened by a Pussy Given Problem.

3. As an interjection:
PGP stands for Pussies Give Problems.

This could be used as a wise saying amongst other to see clearly the problem at hand. When talking about a female problem amongst friends, one could say this one word "PGP." and will have accurately stated the obvious.
This term is not to be limited to just male problems, PGPs can come onto other females also.

Problems could spring in a lot of places, a PGP could be caused for a car to.
A woman might be trying to fix a car and ends up ruining it, she has PGPed the car.

I hope to have given my male friends a way to correctly assign the cause for many problems in their lives.

To solve a PGP is to "get rid of the bitch".

"A pussy is only as good as it can produce viable results in the world."
- J.G.
1. John had been sick all week, I suspect he has a PGP on his hands...or in his bed.

2. I remember when Joe was PGPed by Tracy, he failed his SATs because of her.

3. Jack: "Man I can't believe I haven't get rid of this headache yet, and my car broke down too, and all these weird things have been happening to me."

Mike: "PGP."
by Qpido Jerome Forbidden April 01, 2009

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