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1. A condition that an individual exists in if he or she lacks the proper resources to sustain the minimum standard of what is considered a healthy existence. Income is often used as an indicator for poverty, though poverty can also refer to a lack of fundamental services, such as sanitation or healthcare, in the location that the individual resides.

2. Any kind of lacking of the necessary components or qualities
1. The homeless guy lived in poverty because he recycled cans for a living and didn't make enough money to purchase what he needed to live healthily. The African shepherd also lived in poverty, because the services necessary to make his life healthy could not purchased at all where he lived, even if he had money.

2. "There is no wealth like education and no poverty like ignorance."
-Ali ibn Abi Talib
by Qoheleth April 02, 2007
1. A statement said when a creature with tentacles or tentacle-like appendages appears in a non-hentai environment. When saying this, the speaker is referencing the tentacle rape hentai genre, and suggesting that the creature could be the rapist in such a hentai. Often funny when directed toward innocent or unsuspecting creatures that usually would never be associated with hentai.

However, some people have been known get offended when tentacled creatures are judged by their appearance.
(example 1) atheist: Have you heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? If you want intelligent design "theory" to be taught in schools, we should teach flying spaghetti monsterism as well!

creationist: Oh please, "touched by His noodly appendage"? Sounds like hentai waiting to happen.

athiest:... How dare you judge the flying spaghetti monster by his appearance!

(example 2) Two guys are playing a fighting videogame.
Guy 1: *chooses octopus-man as his fighter*
Guy 2: Hentai waiting to happen.
by Qoheleth April 04, 2007

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