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A game website designed to endure through all filter/blocking systems of public schools.

A tall red haired Dutchman
Hey bro look at these awesome games on Isnaurus that we can play during any hour!

Holy crap look at the hops on that isnaurus.
by Qi Chow September 06, 2010
The act of overwhelming numbers Japanese pilots determined to give their lives in a brutal all out attack by crashing their planes into the cowardly enemy.
The large kamikaze banzai of Okinawa in '45 failed miserably as many pilots for the rising sun fell victim to Allied AA. The attack was ordered by General Mitsuru Ushijima.
by Qi Chow August 22, 2010
An odd pronunciation of "shame on you" made by bus drivers from Virginia. The people who say this are generally in their late 60's to early 70's.
Vinnie: "Sleepin in the back of the bus and ignoring this amazing tour!? Shamonya!!"
by Qi Chow October 25, 2010
An Arabic term for "Oh my Allah!" It is only used in extreme cases which often call for a jihad of vengeance, hence the ending. Only use this term if willing to risk all to obtain revenge.
You burned my Koran?!? Ach-my-had! Kill the infidel!
by Qi Chow October 24, 2010

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