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A site for college and now apparently high school students. All you do is put down your info and look people up. Became an obsession to millions of students. No real reason. It is in face quite creepy and stalkerish, you will find a lot of Creepdogs on it. Creates a false sense of security as to make you believe you have "friends" because all of the people you that went to your highschool are now your "friends" even the ones you've never talked too. So enjoy it you freaks just dont be freaking creepy about it. (Also girls don't go to your boyfriends school for the weekend then facebook for 2 hrs on his computer on saturday night, it pisses him off)
1)Me: You guys are gay we have a test tomorrow and your facebooking.

Dude #1: this guy i dont know asked me to be his friend.
Dude #2: he's gay.
Dude #1: yeah
by QB 14 October 17, 2005

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