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Retired Professional Wrestler who gained fame in the 90s through the top 3 wrestling promotions.

Saturn was trained by Killer Kowalksi and debuted in 1990. After joining Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1995, with partner John Kronus, they were renamed The Elimantors, and took the company by storm; winning the Tag Team Titles 3 times between then and 1997. Saturn left for WCW that same year. In late 90s WCW, he would join The Flock, and help disband the team. Feud with Chis Jericho, and win the Tag Team Titles twice.

In January 2000 The Radicalz (Saturn, Benoit, Guerrero, and Malenko) debuted in the WWF/E. Later that year Saturn would go on to win the European Championship, and become a two time Hardcore Champion.

After a match where he actually attacked Mike Bell, he suddenly went through a gimmick change, as he kayfabe - suffered head trauma, leaving his manager Terri, and falling in love with a mop named Moppy.

Perry Saturn retired from wreting in 2003.
In April of 2004 Saturn was shot in the neck after saving a girl from getting raped. This required a metal plate, and steel screws to be inserted into his vertebrae.

Recently Perry has disappeared from the public view. Family and friends have no information on his whereabouts. As of 2007 he has been spotted in Iowa, and is believed to be working in the town of Alber Lea, Minnesota.
Perry Saturn if your reading this the wrestling world misses you, and please return for one more match!

-The Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza
-Rings of Saturn
-Death Valley Driver
by Q-Bomb August 09, 2009

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