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1. A combat medic with 4-31 Inf.

2. Known as the best medic in "A" Company

3.Despised by the leadership for his willingness and almost utter disregard for leadership standing in his way when treating his joes

4. His soldiers come first, no matter what the rank

5. Has a habit of appearing homosexual at the worst moments, a fact which the leadership frequently takes advantage of
"Hey have you heard about Doc.Ramos?"
"Yea, that he wears a heart shaped key around his neck and claims it's from his "fiancee" or something?"
"Yea... what a total homosexual"

"Hey Doc.Ramos what do you make of this?"
"You have a boxer's fracture with a break in the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones"
"Why do you say that doc?"
"Your hand is rounded, tensed and scrunched up as if it were a fist"
"And you're not making a fist..."
by Pyrokinetic91 August 13, 2011
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