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THE most hardcore MILF that ever existed on Earth. Quite possibly the sexiest woman that one could imagine.
I really don't know what Smarto's Mom looks like since I never bothered turning on the lights, but I bet she's hot.
by Pyrox May 04, 2005
Noun: a chick with a hot body in combination with a butterface, yet you still would like to hit it. You proceed to put a paper bag (or two) over her head so you do not feel bad when you tag it.

Verb: Putting a bag over a chick's face because you would like to hit it without seeing her face.
After admiring her nice ASSets for a while, she turned around revealing her horrible butterface. I turned to Pete and said, "Eh, I'd bag and tag that."
by PyroX April 16, 2003
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