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(N) - Pronunciation : (KAHR - muh - SOO - truh)

1) In lame terms; the ancient Indian martial art of sex. Taking Karma Sutra classes makes you "Badass in Bed", and leaves the partner begging for more.

This ancient art teaches one the most effective positions and how to pursue those positions. It allows one to take the most advantage of however much time they have to have sex.

If you bang someone who is trained in the art of Karma Sutra, you most likely will black out from such a powerful orgasm.
"Dude, I Railed this Chick who knew Karma Sutra and I came SO FUCKING HARD!"

(Pick-Up line) "Hey baby, I know all 5 disciplines in the art of Karma Sutra."
by Pyro682 December 14, 2009
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