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The greatest movie in history, made by the brilliant Coen Brothers. Anyone who has not seen this movie is utterly worthless. Anyone who has seen it and disliked it should be ripped off the face of the Earth. In the film, Jeff Bridges plays Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, whose rug is peed on. Somehow, this gets him involved in a hostage situation, and an overly complex world of corruption and lies. Hilarity ensues.
All The Dude ever wanted... was his rug back.
by Pyro62S August 17, 2005
A book by Mary Shelley in which a man by the surname of Frankenstein discovers a method of creating life, and in doing so creates a monster whom he then abandons. The monster's life is a living Hell from that point forward, and he eventually sets out to get revenge upon his maker. The story has symbolic references to many things, including the importance of parenting and the evils of playing God. Either way, a firmly held belief among morons is that the monster's name was Frankenstein, when in fact the monster was never named.
"Ugh, dude! You look like Frankenstein!"
"Yeah, dude, well you look like you need to read up on your freaking nineteenth century literature!"
by Pyro62S August 17, 2005
A comic by Sam Kieth, something of a parody on the stereotypical superhero story. Extremely confusing, yet equally awesome, the comic was so good that, when made into a show on MTV, it was decided to have too much quality and was cancelled, just like all the other good shows on that network. The Maxx was a deluded homeless man who believed himself to be a superhero, and deemed himself the protector of a social worker named Julie Winters. Constantly moving between two realities -- our world, and one called "The Outback" -- Maxx became increasingly confused about his own identity, and as it would turn out the only one with the answers was the serial rapist and murdering sorcerer Mr. Gone, his sworn enemy. Damndest thing.
The Maxx is no longer in print because there is no justice in the world.
by Pyro62S August 17, 2005

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