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A shout of male triumph, used in the bedroom, but most likely, during an intense session of video games.

NOT to be confused with Wabam.
Game system: Player one wins.
Player 1: Waboom!
Player 2: I died 5 shitty death in that game.
by Pyro Pete August 03, 2010
A website offering ridiculous deals with condoms. One would think that the deals were caused due to a warehouse manfuction, but that hasn't been proven in court yet. The Discount Condom King promises that a minimum of 80% of all condoms will be sold without holes pre poked in them.
Guy 1: Thanks to the discount condom king, I'll never have to buy full priced condoms again!

Guy 2: Why did you buy 200 at one time?
Guy 1: You can't turn down this bargain. The holes are a bummer though.
by Pyro Pete August 03, 2010
1). A euphemism for life being unfair or difficult. A play on "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade" except with dicks.

2). A bad custom order at a diner.
1). Guy 1: Man, when Life gives you lemons, I guess you have to make lemonade.

Guy 2: Yeah, and if life gives you boners, make a boner salad!
Guy 1: What the hell are you talking about?
Guy 2: Uhh...

2). "I thought the waitress would have laughed when I ordered the boner salad. At least I know I'm never going back to that restaurant again.
by Pyro Pete August 03, 2010
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