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2 definitions by PyRoThEmAsTeRoFzIpPoS

Societies bitch. One who shops at Abercrombie & Bitch and American Eagle. Talks in text (i.e. OMG. JK. LOL.) and is the worst type of person imaginable
Justine Rivers (Preppy Bitch):OMG I LIEK LOOOVE Lil' Wayne! LOL !

Me(stoner/emo/skater/bohemian/pyro):Calm the fuck down! preppy faggot!
by PyRoThEmAsTeRoFzIpPoS March 23, 2009
An immitation zippo usually sold at spencer's, sometimes has remotely funny phrases work exactly the same as a zippo but does not have the lifetime guarantee and breaks easier
I found a gippo in my bed today that says I'm not wearing underwear
by PyRoThEmAsTeRoFzIpPoS March 10, 2009