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n. Any type of food that will will transport a large amount of delicious condiment/topping into the mouth. Such as: bread is just the delivery-device for butter. Crackers are just a cheese delivery-device, and hot dogs are just a ketchup/mustard delivery-device.
Daughter: Do you want some bread with that butter, dad?
Dad: Well, bread is just the butter delivery-device.
by Pwny912 July 18, 2009
n. A redneck sport, originating in Alabama. Involves every player on an ATV in a woody area in the middle of nowhere. "Woogens" refer to the mud-covered, rolled up t-shirts or towels that each player gets and tries to throw at each other player.

Best played with one less woogen than number of players.
Donny: We had a blast playin woogenball last night!
by Pwny912 July 16, 2009
n. Acronym or abbreviation for "proper storage location".
"I have to put my shoes in their PSL or else my dad will get mad."
by Pwny912 July 18, 2009

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