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..... Wendy / Wednesday Bastards / Pigs / Scum (whichever takes your fancy at the time). A poor football team and the laughing stock of Sheffield; spending the last 9 years in the shadow of Sheffield United. Pigs play at a large but crumby ground on the outskirts of Sheffield city centre (Hillsborough).

Pigs, in any response to someone who makes fun of their "MASSIVE" club, will try to come back with information about the glory days of wendy. Constantly rewinding to the 90's, when their club reached 3rd in the first tier of English football. What they won't tell you, is that they were relegated in 2000, and that they have never finished above United in the league since then. If you ever have the misfortune to visit the Pigs’ ground on a match day, you'll find it’s half empty. This is the result of most people avoiding the embarrassment of being seen there.

In the season just gone (08/09), pigs managed to pull the double over United. Apparently, this maintains their status as a “MASSIVE” club. Even though they failed to reach the championship play-offs (finishing 12th), which united did (finishing 3rd), pigs still maintain their deluded mind-set that they are “Yorkshires best club”, a title which in actual fact, is currently held by hull (sheffield united being 2nd).

Here’s how to distinguish a wednesday bastard from a united fan. You may see a mentally impaired person, wearing a pigs shirt, lingering outside a farm. This is a prime example of a wendy fan. Just open the gate and let them scurry on back in there. Alternatively, you might see a person looking at the league table and smiling. This would be a united fan, who is clearly enjoying the fact that pigs still can’t compete to the same level as united. Generally, Scum can be spotted in a museum (squeezing every last drop out of their long since gone success), in small numbers at Hillsborough or in a barn yard. Blades can be spotted at beautiful downtown bramall lane enjoying life as fans of the bigger club in Sheffield, and looking FORWARD to the likelihood of promotion.
Blade 1: Wanna hear a joke?
Blade 2: Go on then
Blade 1: Sheffield Wednesday!!
All The Blades: Wheyyyyy Lets all laugh at Wednesday!!

Pig: our club is MASSIVE and will always be better than united
Blade: …name me one season in the last 9 years when you finished above us in the table
Pig: errrm urrrm…
Blade: Jog on you deluded little pig; we're all blades aren't we?
by Put it this way, not a pig!! June 14, 2009

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