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A small, compacted college town in the middle of bum-fuck Northern California. The college's bleak surroundings make it somewhat of an oasis. Paradise to say the least. Lots of parties, lots of beer, lots of horny young women (often whom lack intellectuality). Hot in the summer, cold winters. Contrary to popular belief, Chico State has a great graduation rate and is its academics are held in high regard. Also a great place to get fucked up, do lots of heavy drinking and cocaine, and have unprotected sex.
AJ: "I love these Chico State bitches! They're such dumb sluts, and love to suck a lot of cock."
Bronameth: "Amen, bro. We killed that 30 rack of Natty and this morning I woke up and there were three girls in my bed but I can't remember shit."

Gary: "Why are you so tired Derek?"
Derek: "I was in Chico last weekend and blacked out three nights in a row."

Chico State Frat Boy #1: "Yeah I benched 285 last week"
Chico State Sorority Bitch #1: "Oh my god! You're so hot. Let me get on my knees and choke on your cock!"
Chico State Sorority Bitch #2: "Me too!"
by Purpleteddybear January 20, 2011

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