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An online gaming network that allows white people to make fun of black people in the safety of their home.
Person 1: "I love being racist on Xbox Live!"
Person 2: "Are you racist everywhere?"
Person 1: "Hellz no. If I say this shit to a black man face-to-face, I'm gonna get wrecked. Use common sense."
by Purple Turkoglu January 19, 2011
noun - A halo 3 player that has become so good at the game that they cannot give it up, and move on to Reach.
Bob - C'mon Jim, come play Halo Reach with us!
Jim - I can't guys, I'm on a 15 game win streak and my EXP is almost maxed out.
Bob - ........Jim...that shit doesn't matter. No one plays Halo 3 anymore. This is 2011 man! Quit being a Halo 3 Bastard!
by Purple Turkoglu October 21, 2011
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