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The best car company ever!! Ruled the muscle car area with everything it made...plus the Hemi. Created the first turbo charged four cylinder cars 20 years before ricers were even though about, and will whip the shit out of your jap shit! Rules the automobile today with: The ram, the only real pickup truck there is. The dakota, the only real sport truck there is. The Durango...."what Explorer? It's back there broken and stuck" The Viper and ME 4-12, the fastest cars on earth. The Neon and Neon SRT-4...."I don't see any jap cars...I smoked them all!" And finally, the new Hemi cars....ready to blow the doors off of everything there is! Mopar...there is no other car!
P.S. If you have a turbo 4 from the 80's, like a GLH OMni, hold on to that bad boy, parts are gettin hard to find.

"OMG my little Jap ricer just got smoked by a Dodge Neon SRT$ and a Dodge Omni GLHS ....old technology beating me, I'm tradin this peice of shit!"

"Did you see the Hemi Charger blow the doors of that phord and the shivy...WOW!!!"
by PunkheadX October 02, 2005

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