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Someone who's so Wisconsin it hurts.
Damn, could that chick be any more totally Wisco?
by Punitive D March 15, 2005
1) People who are ten to fifteen pounds overweight and pass for gorgeous in Wisconsin; 2) people who were quite fit and attractive, but then moved to Wisconsin and after eating only cheese and bratwurst gained ten to fifteen pounds (generally most noticeable in the midsection, ass, and thigh regions).
Wow, that woman is so wiscorgeous, if she could just lose fifteen pounds she might be hot.
by Punitive D June 05, 2005
When one consumes absurd quantities of food as if by enhailing the edibles. Derived from Sally Struthers, who you may have seen in all those Save the Children Ads.
Wow, I just struthered down a plate of ribs, a half-dozen wings, a bbq pork sando, and a pitcher of Blatz.
by Punitive D March 15, 2005
A female who possesses the uncanny ability to citate with the proficiency of that veritable goddess of ciatations, Mary Jo Poleski.
Holy crap, did you see that TLB, it's citations were so damn thorough, you know its author was a citatrix!
by Punitive D April 18, 2005
The city where the UW is. Also, a place full of stinking hippies, but at least there's the Plaza. Mmmm, really cheap pitchers of point.
Man, I'm gonna be rockin' the Madtropolis tonight at Gomeroke!
by Punitive D June 17, 2005

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