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When a man places his genitals next to a space heater for ten minutes before performing sexual, vaginal, intercourse with a woman.
Man 1: What happened with that girl last night?
Man 2: I had to dip out. She came at me with a space heater wanting a toastee.
by Pudge Jefferson November 15, 2009
When you go above and beyond the call of duty to do something for your girlfriend.
Emily: It's 5 am. Why are you still up?
Kyle: My girlfriend Becky can't sleep so I'm keeping her company on MSN.
Emily: I'm going to bed. Good luck staying awake.
Kyle: I'll be fine, super boyfriend mode has kicked in.
by Pudge Jefferson January 04, 2010
1. The ability to stay cheery no matter how much shit life throws at you.
Denise: Wow, Jackie seems so happy. She's all smiles even though David just broke up with her.
Cindy: Yeah, that's Jackie though, she is un-shittable-on.
by Pudge Jefferson December 29, 2009
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