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A beautiful state with something to offer for everyone. fishing, crabbing, sailing, boating, tiki bars, Chesapeake Bay..etc. all the other definitions i have read on here includes these and many other things, but one thing i have yet to see is hunting. hunting is a very well known tradition to marylanders especially on the Eastern Shore. The Eastern Shore is known for its great waterfowl hunting and terrific whitetail hunting. Chestertown on the Eastern Shore was at one time reffered to as Goose Hunting capitol of the world. Maryland is home Canvasbacks, Geese, Mallards, Black Ducks, Buffleheads, Wood Ducks, the list goes on and on. not to meantion the thousands of trophy whitetails taken on Maryland soil. basically when all the tourists leave for the winter, and the weather starts getting cold. that is when true marylanders put on there boots and camoflauge on and cherish this great state the best way they know how. Being Outdoors
1: I'm going to maryland on a hunting trip
2: i have never seen better goose hunting anywhere else
by Puddn October 30, 2011

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