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The phrase that attempts (unsuccessfully?)to force progressive ideas into a regressive box for the sole purpose of selling warm fuzzies to cold hearted bastards
Ghengis Khan's Mommy? Hitler on Christmas morning? Strom Thurmond while knocking boots with the domestic help? "The neo-fascist allowed the screaming young girl to look away as he hacked off her mother's head, justifying his reputation as a compassionate conservative."
by Publius August 26, 2003
Totally Sweet Dudes- guys that put a lot of product in their hair, like to wear muscle shirts & drink protein shakes; they often drive a Honda or Mistubishi with a mod kit on it.
The T.S.D.s are all hanging out at the 7-11, revving their engines.
#chaches #dudes #jabronis #hoods #w.t.s
by Publius September 24, 2005
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