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1 definition by Public Enemy

A person that speaks 'Telugu' is called a 'Gulti'. People that speak Telugu come from a state in South-India called Andhra Pradesh. The word Gulti is usually used by North Indians in the U.S to describe a person that speaks Telugu. People from Andhra Pradesh have dominated the fields of Engineering and Software Development in the U.S for over 12 years. They are considered to be the second richest group of Indians living in the U.S (First richest being Gujaratis). Most Gultis have engineering degrees (usually a Masters from an American university). Common Gulti names - Srinivas, Ramakrishna and Venkat.
"Srinivas Reddy is a Gulti"
"Ramakrishna Gudimetla is a Gulti"
by Public Enemy September 22, 2006