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A famous Criminal mastermind of the Greater Los Angeles area during the beginning years of prohibition caused gang violence in the early 1920's. His personal victims were often found lifeless on intersection crosswalks where Pube-Tron had feigned the role of a friendly helper of elderly road crossers. Autopsies almost always revealed asphyxiation by pubic hairs as the cause of death. No images of him exist. He is known only by his notorious pubic hair top hat.
crosser 1:I say Wallace! That Pube-Tron certainly is a spectacle Ho ho ho!
crosser 2:...You may go to hell Bertrum...My mother was killed by Pubes.
by Pubez March 06, 2008
Someone from another work department/location/floor who does not use their specified toilet facilities, but instead travels to another department/floor/office to poop
Dave from the floor above is such a poo tourist, he's always coming downstairs to use our toilets
by PUbez July 02, 2015
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