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The act of being hypnotized by seeing a nice set of tits. When someone is tit-matized he forgets about everything else that might be going on around him. This is a fairly common occurrence that happens daily with most men and lesbians.
Every time I see Dolly Partons nice big breasts I get Tit-matized, and can only imagine what all that sweater meat must taste like.
by pubey March 27, 2008
A pubic fight is where two or more people reach into their pubic hair, comb through with their fingers grabbing loose hairs, then begin tossing them at each other. Also known as the Pubey Fight. Developed in the late 60's.
Let's have a pubic fight! The loser has to clean up afterwards! One rule in the pubic fight, is that the combatants cannot actually touch each other, if this happens the one person who made or caused the contact loses and is out of the fight.
by Pubey March 10, 2008

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