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A "something" on which to blame farts.
Rather than accept blame for farting(noisily), one exclaims that they had witnessed a creature in close proximity by invoking it's name and looking behind.

Interchangeable with local fauna.
"OH! Darn Rocky Mountain Barking Spiders sneaking up on me again."
by Psykram May 12, 2010
To be exposed as ignorant or out-right idiotic with facts and documented evidence and refuse to acknowledge or admit any fault. Also to continue to forge forward clutching ignorance ever tighter.
Author Carrie Prejean was Palin-ized on the Larry King Show.
by Psykram October 02, 2012
Talking to one's co-workers about any subject, preventing actual work from getting done. Conversational skill and eloquence are not required to be a black-belt in Jawjitsu.
Yeah! The entire crew is made up of Grand-Masters in Jawjitsu
by Psykram July 14, 2010

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