3 definitions by Psyguy

Another feeble attempt to make a Sonic cartoon. Is often seen with Chris and humans that shouldn't be in the story in the first place. Has an art style that's unique to the horribly crappy story-line with no depth or characterization in any way, shape, or form.
I wish Sega would make a decent Sonic cartoon instead of Sonic X.
by Psyguy November 15, 2003
(n.) The epitome of awesoness
Wow that party lastnight was Lorenzo bruh
by psyguy June 06, 2014
After Condom Dick is the dull, plastic feeling one's softie takes after having pre-marital sex with use of a condom.
Damn, my condom feels like a dolphin's tongue, I must have After Condom Dick.
by Psyguy January 08, 2006

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