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It's when someone famous dies all the fake fans come out and say they cared so much about the dead person but everyone knows they didn't. Also when you see someone wearing a shirt of the dead person only after they died and wouldn't have it if the person was still alive.
Idiot: OMG I cant believe that persons dead, I loved all of their work and it was soo inspiring.

Guy: bull shit you did, you just have Dead Celebrity Syndrome (DCS). How did you feel about that person last week.
by Psyco6 February 14, 2012
When you see a monkey jerking it. Instead of the monkey spanking his monkey he's spanking his human.
WTF dude the monkey is Spanking The Human.
by Psyco6 February 03, 2012
Milf In Training. a woman who is pregnant or is trying to get pregnant and would be a milf.
Dude that chick is such a MIT
by Psyco6 February 03, 2012
When someone looks good from far away,but looks bad up close.
"Dude that girl is hot"
"No she's not dude, it's the far away factor"
by Psyco6 November 15, 2012
When getting a blow job the girl puts the dick on her upper lip when you cum, and lets the cum run down the sides of her lips.
Last night my girlfriend gave me a blow job, and i gave her a milk mustache
by Psyco6 February 03, 2012

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