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A phrase that declares a cheap action, such as yet not limited to: Going out with someone's ex, stealing the last soda, talking behind someone's back, throwing a grenade 5000 feet and killing someone, firing a grenade launcher point black resulting in a douche-bag-style victory, spawn-sniping, and kicking someone in the genitals.
Person A: John just took the last fucking Pepsi!
Person B:...Call of Duty.

Person A: Holy crap. That guy just killed me, he must be a hacker! I'm gonna noob tube that guy!
(5 seconds later)
Person B:...Call of Duty.
by Psychotick December 06, 2010
A person who poses as one of an "outsider" clique in order to feel belonging or fill a social void. Does not refer to any one clique, covers a large spectrum.

This term is derived from black sheep, whereas that term generally refers to someone who is an individualist, grey sheep applies to someone who is conforming to fit in.
Person A: "Dude, Josh started wearing all black and hasn't talked to me much. Is something wrong with him?"
Person B: "No, look at his fancy new clique. He's just being a grey sheep."
by Psychotick November 08, 2010
A term used to describe people, typically in a lower age range, who attempt to make a nuisance of themselves by acting like an ass and proceeding to used cliched memes such as, but not limited to "Umad, bro?".

The term has aged poorly, comparable to the way MLG has. Trolling (because no one could have known this!) used to refer to intelligent toying with others to incite rage. However, creativity has waned and now the word is known by basically anyone with an internet connection. Monkey see, monkey do.

This has been a public service announcement.
RandomTF2jackoff: Can somebody go medic?
RandomTF2jackoff: ?
by Psychotick May 12, 2012
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