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3 definitions by Psychonaut

To engage in Sexual Intercourse without the Aid of a lubricant (KY and the such)
I'd Rather DryBone her Browneye
by psychonaut March 24, 2003
42 6
Abberviation for "Dextromethorphan", a Dissociative Anistetic found in Robitussin but known for its psychadelic qualities
John and I ate 750 milligrams of DXM, and tripped our balls off.
by Psychonaut April 28, 2003
60 29
Sexual Act:
This is when your girlfriend gets behind with a strap on and fucks you up
the ass, while you jerk off. Then you kneel in front of her and suck the
dildo clean. You are so embarrassed by this act that you never speak of it
again and end up in therapy for years.
by Psychonaut May 07, 2003
15 11