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3 definitions by PsychoGnosis

Older transsexual person.

The equivalent to "cougar" for a she-male.
Banana Slug's have TWICE the experience cougars do, since they can practice on them self.
by psychognosis July 28, 2010
120 31
A parent hipster. More pretentious than hipsters because they now think their life has purpose.
"Did you hear Dov Charney just knocked up a bitch?"

"Oh, no! Not another pipster!"
by PsychoGnosis September 28, 2011
64 8
When you place your cock and balls between your legs.

A tuck job.
"I was all up on a girl at da club until I realized she had some tainted meat."
by Psychognosis November 08, 2013
7 0