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A gesture in which you slap your hand against your face in times of shame, woe, disgust, or baffled at something stupid and idiotic someone said or did. Used on the Internet in times of IM or any other form of online chatting.
Example 1
rocketgirl11: omg, i think that f i got on my math test stood for FANTABULOUS.

sugarskull12: are you fucking kidding me? *facepalm*

sugarskull12 has logged off

rocketgirl11: what?

Example 2
Jamie: I can't believe you failed World Language. English is easiest language in word!

Moksha: *facepalm* It's English is THE easiest language in THE WORLD. And I'm the one that failed World Language? No, I would has passed the test if you gave time me for study!

Jamie: *facepalm* Would has? You serious Moksha?
by Psuedonym Pippy May 19, 2011
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