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1. A Japanophile/Wapanese/Weeaboo became "famous" by speaking in broken Japanese and staring at a fuzzy webcam.

2. A nice tactic to freak someone out.

Step One: Stare at a person in a lowered head angle. (see myspace angles) This results in your face looking smaller and cuter.
Step Two: Widening your eyes and Flare your nostrils at them. Don't forget to be silent.

The results for the person are :

-Thinking part of ones soul is gone.
-Confusion which leads to a confuzzled crinkly face : "Wait..was that cute?"

1."Minna-san Magibon-desu! Watch me do nothing. Arigato, ja ne! -peace- "

2."Why do.. I feel empty and cold now? Magibon...-fists in air-"

by PseudonymRay August 06, 2008

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