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Someone who is hott, but is actually stupid and annoying.
Guy "Woahh that girl is banging!"
Girl "Naoo.. She's a Chiskett"
Guy "... Ew"
by Pseudonormous April 27, 2009
It's a group of people who are just plain awesome.

They can be brought together by many a-ways, but the best Awesome Foursome are brought together by a socially unacceptable (but still pretty damn cool) past-time, such as Explorers in Britain.

This can feature other people.
Lucy : Heyy
Ali : Heyy
Fletch : Heyy
Lily : It's the Awesome Foursome!!
Kyla : Heyy
Lily : ... Feat. Kyla!!
by Pseudonormous June 19, 2009

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