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Verb; Transitive
To make a last stand against a group of people when outnumbered and on your own turf.
"The best part of Home Alone is when Macaulay Culkin skyfalled those burglars."
"In Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet, when Ferrier's house is surrounded, I wish he would have skyfalled those guys instead of running away."
by Pseudonamus May 02, 2013
Verb; Transitive
To go on a murderous rampage to get back a kidnapped friend or loved one.
If someone kidnapped my child, I would Taken the SHIT out of him.


When Doug was kidnapped, Phil, Stu, and Alan should have gone Taken on everyone instead of going all "Dude Where's My Car?"
by Pseudonamus May 08, 2013
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