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The Taylor Swift Effect is a phenomenon which occurred after Taylor Swift released her first album. Upon hearing this album, every girl between the ages of 11-20 who knew a few chords on an acoustic guitar declared themselves a singer-songwriter began to write billions of generic songs about breakups and jealousy, even if they had no singing ability or talent whatsoever. This phenomenon is still occurring today, and will continue for several years, until a new singer comes along that changes the trend from breakups to some new bland and generic topic.
"I went to a coffee house last night, and 90% of the performers were teenage girls singing crappy 3 chord songs about boys who blew them off."

"Classic Taylor Swift Effect bro. Get used to it, it's gonna be a while."
by Psas2 March 06, 2010
A synonym for evil.
Disney makes millions by exploiting children and marketing terrible music.
by Psas2 May 05, 2010
A hack of a musician, someone who claims to be dedicated but only plays once in a while in the confines of a place such as a shed.
"Man, everybody at the jam is so uptight"

"ah fuck em, they're a bunch of shed pounders anyway"
by Psas2 April 03, 2010

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