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This is to be badly humiliated usually in front of a large crowd
Mike Saad got banged by Gunjal....Deep Muggage
by Psalms April 29, 2008
A derogatory term for someone of pakistani or arabian decent
Eh...did you know Ruan's dad is gay?
Isit? who's Ruan?
That stupid Jo-dack
by Psalms April 29, 2008
A model KKK dummy, used to deter black people from trespassing on white man's property
Chaz: I bought myself this scarenigga
Faz: Wot does it do?
Chaz: It's like a scarecrow but it's a scarenigga....do u kno wot it does? It scares niggas
by Psalms April 29, 2008
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