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An option for parents who are too poor for private school. Basically these folks think the entire outside world other than the 700 Club, their megachurch and Wal-Mart is corrupt and sinful. A example schedule for a home schooler:

9:00-11:30: Bible Study
11:30-1:30: Discussion of the latest James Dobson/Rick Santorum book
2:00-3:00: Seminar: "Why Negroes are evil and sexually promiscous and why Jesus tells us to hate them"
3:00-4:00: Daughters: lesson in cooking, sewing or houskeeping
Sons: Math, Science (Young Earth Creationism), History (White Christians rule, everyone else deserves their suffering), Government (why Democrats are Satanic), or English.
Person A:I am homeschooling Madison and McKaylynn because the Bible tells me to...you can't be a Bible-believing Christian otherwise

Person B: I went to public school, go to church every Sunday and try to live my life in a manner that would please God. I've read from Genesis to Revelation--I don't remember seeing that.

Person A: Ok, I really did it because I was afraid they would date black guys and I didn't want them exposed to n****r whore 10 year olds like the one who said my husband raped her. That slut!
by Proud Prep School Grad May 09, 2006

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