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A band derived from the screamo-rap genre that has become known as crunkcore. There music has done to heavy metal what soulja boy did to rap music. They fail both lyrically and musically. They alter their vocals to try and make them sound like they can do something right. They are more concerned with their scene apperance than their music. In essence they are fucking faggots.
Bands that get my dick wet: system of a down, dethklok, chimaira, as i lay dying, devildriver, megadeth, winds of plague, behemoth, iron maiden, carnifex, skeleton witch, whitechapel, dark tranquility, kse, motorhead, dio, black sabbath, dope, arch enemy, amon amarth, in flames, arsonists get all the girls, veil of maya, rob zombie, disturbed, strapping young lad, death, job for a cowboy, dead silent slumber, black anvil, slayer, suicide silence, and lamb of god bands that don't: brokencyde
by Protagonistofatragedy236 May 09, 2010

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