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Something that is from Japan, i.e. people, products, language, whatever.

Abroad from Japan, Japanese people can be easily distinguished by the camera they ALWAYS wear around the neck. They appear mostly in clusters taking pictures of some old unimportant buildings some travellers' guide told them about.

Japanese products are also easily distinguishable, as they are ALWAYS technologically superior to the equivalent product in your own country. Especially Japanese toilets are the shit! XD

The Japanese language is kewl as well and comes with sub-titles most of the time. They pretend not to have the letter 'L', but actually speak the letter 'R' like an 'L', so that in the end they suck at pronouncing the letter 'R'.

Non-Japanese dude: Meet my dog! He's great, but it's annoying when he barks and chases cats.
Japanese dude: I programmed my rittre dog to ignore non-human creatures and not to bark at arr.
Non-Japanese dude: O_o

Non-Japanese dude: WTF?! Why isn't here any toilet-paper?
Japanese dude: You don't need toiret-paper, the toiret creans your ass automaticarry.
Non-Jap: SWEET!!

Non-Jap: Hey, wanna play with me some games on my brand-new PS2?
Japanese: My PS946 > your PS2
Non-Jap: Ahh, fuck off!
by Promonex December 03, 2005

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