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Any of various indie music kids who tend to not shower for days and wear tattered and torn clothing.
These scenesters will try their hardest to look dirty and poor even if they are subsidized by their wealthy parents.

John - "Yeah man, so how was that Junior Boys show?"

Wes - "Eh, it was good, but these damn indie rats in front of me stunk so bad I could hardly focus."

by Prolly January 26, 2006
A young person who is part of an artistic or social "scene"; also, a young person who tries to fit into a "scene", esp. musical, by wearing skin-tight jeans, chuck taylors, sleeveless shirts, girlish hair, rides a rusty beach cruiser and listens to indie bands. Often called "Indie Rats" or "Rat kids" - such young men and women are quick to drop the names of at least 50 bands on their Myspace pages.
Yelled at a group of kids leaving an Indie Rock concert "Sceeeeeenie Teeeeeeeeeenie".


Man, if those sceenie teenies dont turn down that damn music, i'm donna kick them in the dink.
by Prolly October 26, 2005

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