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A festering shit-hole located on the east coast. It's main dump is next to a major highway and brings forth a state-wide stench only comparable to the brotworst eating inhabitants' wet morning beer farts. It breeds some of the most worthless sub-human mutants on earth and is considered to be the unwashed crotch of the US. A place where the very word itself makes oneself puke in his soup, and gives children nightmares of disease infested, flea ridden prostitutes that overcharge.
"For crimes commited against humanity including 27 counts of rape, 90 counts of murder, 32 acts of piracy, and other crimes against humanity, I setence you for life imprisonment... In New Jersey"!

"KILL ME NOW! The punishment is more than i can bare i dont deserve this"!

".... You know he really didn't do enough to deserve that after all".
by ProfessorHWMaroon January 04, 2011

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