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Caribbean-Spanish origin, of urban slang intended to invite a girl to having sex.

The word, (WATA), is the exaggerated strike sound of a whip, also, the cry or sound Bruce Lee made with his mouth when hitting someone, when a caribbean-spanish speaking person pronounces/interprets it. Example, "BAM" for a Batman fist hit.

The word, (GATA), is a female cat, also used to describe in caribbean-spanish slang a girl.

The word, PITUS, is a created word combination of two Spanish words. PI is (PA) slang, which comes from the word, PARA=FOR, and TUS is TU=YOUR.

The word (BERRY), as in few other slang dialects or sub-languages can have a double standard or meaning. In this case its referred to the "genitalia" either male or female, such is the case on this phrase on the song:

Abir el kissberry-(referred to females genital) "Open your, berrys lips."
Si mami ese es el berry-(referred to females genital) "Yes baby, that's the berry."
Esto es para todas las ladys
La que le gusta el strouberry-(referred to males genital) "To those (girls), that likes the strawberry(penis)"

Therefore the top portion of a penis having the shape of a strawberry as in comparision to a vaginas vertical line along with the labia majoria or outer lips.

Wata-Gata-Pitus-Berry=Bang-girl,-for(in) your-vagina

Wata=Bang, Hit or Strike
Gata=Girl, female cat
Pitus=For your, or In your (interpretation)
Berry=Vagina (in songs name)

"Banging you girl, in your vagina." or "Here is some banging girl... for your vagina."
by ProfessorEx March 11, 2010

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