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A homosexual obese superhero from the video game Superhero city. His main powers seem to be repelling women, consuming vast numbers of Hot Pockets, and finding the stupidest possible comment to make in any given situation.
Person1"How could someone be that repulsive, fat, and stupid all at the same time?" Person2 "It was no act of God that created Doc Savage, but the unholy union of Harvey Fierstein, a ham and cheese hot pocket, and Michael Moore."
#disgusting #obese #homosexual #michael moore #harvey fierstein
by Prof. Gonzo June 14, 2011
The ability to cope, mentally and physically, with the sexual abuse that occurs within families living in rural areas, those that profess to live the "country" lifestyle, or listen to country music.
Person 1 "Brad seems to be doing okay after that incident with his brother" Person 2 "Yeah, he's country strong. But I heard they had to put the horse down."
#incest #beastiality #cuntry strong #counrty strong #hillbilly
by Prof. Gonzo June 13, 2011
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